Hi! My name is Ron Stauffer. I’m the “Ron” in “Ron Voyage!” I’m no professional travel writer, just an average American guy who occasionally travels to interesting places. (See states I’ve visited and countries I’ve visited section for more info).

I grew up in California and moved to Colorado when I was in my teens. Some of my best memories growing up included wonderful adventures, such as:

  • swimming at the beach
  • camping in the mountains
  • sea kayaking
  • scuba diving
  • snorkeling
  • whitewater canoeing
  • road trips across the country
  • surfing
  • and more!

In my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to 30 American states, as well as see parts of Canada, the U.K., and the Caribbean. Since I’m self-employed, I’ve been able to manage several trips that I wouldn’t be able to make otherwise. As an occasional “digital nomad,” I’m able to take my work with me everywhere I go, working during the day, and exploring during evenings and weekends.

After a few years of traveling like this, I decided to share some of my adventures with anyone willing to listen. So in 2019, I created this website, blog, and podcast, to start documenting it all. Partially for the sake of others, but also for my own sake since some of the best memories the greatest experiences in my life were on the road, and I wanted to write them down so I don’t forget them.

If you find all of that interesting, I hope you’ll read what I’ve written and listen to my podcast, and let me know what you think (just send an email to feedback@ronvoyage.com).

I hope you find your own journeys as well, no matter how small or mundane they might seem to others. Thanks for listening!

-Ron Stauffer

December, 2019