Countries I’ve Visited

Here’s a list of all the countries I’ve visited. Obviously, this list is much less impressive than the list of states I’ve visited in the USA, but I’m slowly working on seeing everything I possibly can in my lifetime.

Countries I Have Visited:

  • United States of America (Where I live.)
  • Canada (Mainly to British Columbia.)
  • United Kingdom (England and Wales.)
  • The Bahamas (Nassau in particular.)
  • Sint Maarten (Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, actually, so you could say I’ve been to the Netherlands.)
  • US Virgin Islands (While technically “part of” the USA, as an unincorporated U.S. territory, it barely counts.)

For now, I won’t even count the countries I have not visited, because that number is ridiculously large. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to say that the number of countries I’ve visited is larger than the number I haven’t… but that will be a long time away from now.